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Independent Equity Research: Wireless Industry

Charter Equity Research offers an unbiased view of the Wireless Industry. Our independent equity research position allows us to issue contrarian recommendations and to objectively and accurately analyze potential risks and returns.

Our Exclusive, Proprietary Equity Research gives our clients the competitive edge needed to successfully negotiate the ever-evolving financial and technical landscape of this dynamic growth space and to take full advantage of identified market inefficiencies.

We furnish In-Depth Vertical Coverage and equity research of the entire Wireless food chain from semiconductors, through equipment, all the way to services. This vertical coverage grants us a definitive analytical advantage in this space, enabling us to clearly discern established and emerging industry trends, pitfalls, and patterns and to assess the distinct market impact these will have on individual companies, their technologies, and the overarching ramifications to the sector as a whole.

By means of Timely, Quality Research Calls from Industry Experts, our equity research portfolio enables investors to put information and events in context to make accurate and timely investment decisions.

Our firm also provides highly sought-after Management Access to key companies within the wireless telecom space by leveraging our extensive executive relationships. This grants our clients access to the decision-making management that matters most, enabling our investors to satisfy all their individual inquiries and inclinations via in-person management meetings.
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